House Moving Solutions

What is it all about?

It’s about me setting up a company providing a service that I would have paid for when I recently moved house from Wolverhampton to Leeds.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by what you need to do to sort out your house? That was me back in March. I had a 10 month old son and we were relocating over 100 miles, we didn’t have a house up north and our buyer would not commit to a moving date any more than a week in advance of the move so we were constantly on the back foot. I worried that the sale would fall through.

I was working full time, I’d only gone back to work the month before, so in addition to the house move, I was getting back into the swing of working, and settling my son into nursery, which  was heart breaking, and very disrupting! Our child had gone from one who was sleeping through the night, to one waking up 2 or 3 times a night.

Did I have time to sort though our things before moving? no! Do I wish I had? Yes, did I waste money on storage that I didn’t need to? yes!

I appointed a removal company to pack our things and move our belongings, I was overwhelmed by all the sites where you get ‘instant’ quotes! No you don’t, you get a phonecall after you submit an enquiry button keeping you on the phone for almost an hour going through every inch of your house. After that you get the quote, with the caveat that if you have missed anything you could be charged extra when the removal van arrives! Gee thanks! So after estimating everything in my house, 2 calls from different companies to get quotes I realised I had forgotten the sodding Garden furniture and the sofa in the garage! Arrggghhh.

Enough was enough. I called a local company, they came round and gave me an instant quote. Great! Or was it? Do I trust this man? I don’t know him, and I didn’t really think he was listening to me. This was my home he was moving with all my worldly possessions and he was really blasé! Anyway, I had no choice, after all the faffing around it was now Tuesday and I was moving on Saturday! I left him the keys to my house Friday morning as I left for work, and expected the house, minus my key items to be packed when I returned Friday night. Was I nervous? very much so! Moving house is emotional anyway, but to do it when you can’t be totally in control because of other commitments is even more of a strain.

The service we received wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for, items we asked to be kept out were packed, a money box went missing, young inexperienced people were moving our items, fragile tape was used on every box so I had no idea which boxes were indeed fragile. Living room items packed in kitchen boxes, and finally the icing on the cake was an incorrect number of people allocated to unload our items into our storage unit so my husband had to spend all afternoon helping them.

I was gutted, we were living at my mums as we didn’t have a house, everything was in storage and I felt like we had been ripped off because I hadn’t had the time to properly manage the whole situation. Needless to say the next move we made was by ourselves without the help of any removal company.

I set up House Moving Solutions to help people in the situation I was in. House Moving Solutions provide impartial advice tailored to suit your needs. The service is based in and around the Leeds locality, and a bespoke plan is formulated for you following a free consultation.

If you feel like you are out of control, worried about working with different suppliers or would like a chat about what processes to put in place to make your house move go smoothly, then have a look on our website and contact me for your free consultation.




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