Tips for a Winter House Move


I woke up this morning to snow!! What?!! It was forecast but I didn’t expect the forecast to be correct! When living in the Midlands there was always the threat of snow in the winter months, but it rarely materialised so I was both shocked and happy this morning! Winter is indeed here.

It got me thinking though, what if I was moving a house today, what would I have to do differently? Anything? As I walked… I mean slipped and skated down my garden path, I realised that a lot more care and consideration would have to be enforced to ensure a safe successful move.

If you are moving in snowy or wet conditions, here’s a few hints and tips to get you started!

  1. Be aware of your surroundings and contact your removal company to ensure they have the right tools for the job. (is your old / new property on a hill? for example)
  2. Prepare your indoor walkways. Ensure they are covered with non slip materials which will protect the carpets in both your old and new house.
  3. Clear the walkway to the van – do not use plastic. Grit and carpet are the best solutions.
  4. Ensure wooden items are covered in plastic. You don’t want to pack away damp wood, especially if your items will be packed into a storage unit.
  5. Keep boxes where possible on dry surfaces and limit the amount of time spent in the wet.
  6. Reinforce heavy boxes with extra tape at the bottom.
  7. Any boxes which contain items that could be damaged in the wet weather (electrical items) should be covered with a plastic bag / bin liner, or other plastic solution.
  8. Wrap up warm! Wear a hat, scarf, and gloves with grip. Have access to plenty of towels to dry you and the removal team, and ensure hot drinks are flowing to keep up morale.
  9. If you have young children or pets it is advisable to take them out of the house to keep them warm. Alternatively dedicate one room as the ‘warm room’ keep he door closed and the heating on.
  10. Move early so you can ensure you unpack in daylight.
  11. Carry a torch in case you are delayed. Street lights may not provide the light needed to unpack. (There may be no street lights – check with your removal company what lighting system they have)


Need advice on moving, or would like a free consultation for House Moving Solutions to manage your house move please email or visit our website




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