Moving House with a Baby


This is part one of a two part blog. Earlier this year we had two house moves within a few months of each other. We had moved numerous times over the last few years, but this was the first with a 10 month old baby; I was nervous to say the least. I wanted to make sure we had everything possible organised to minimise the disruption to our baby’s routine. He was almost on the move, so in the transition phase from baby to toddler, meal times, milk times and nap times  were all still very important to him and had to be carefully factored into our plans.

The first move was managed by a packing and removal company to help keep the disruption to a minimum. The house was packed on a Friday and moved on the Saturday. The key items I found useful to keep out were:

  1. Favourite toys
  2. Blackout blind (the curtains were packed)
  3. Travel cot (this meant the big cot could be packed)
  4. Monitor which was also used as part of our bedtime routine. (don’t forget your side of the monitor too)
  5. Bath toys, part of our bedtime routine includes a bath.
  6. Sleeping bag and sleep suit, plus a bedsheet for the travel cot.
  7. Change of clothes for the morning (and a spare)
  8. Perfect prep machine (could just use the ready mix milk, or keep your kettle out)
  9. Bread for an easy grilled slice of toast in the morning.
  10. Highchair

We packed all these items into our car rather than the removal van in the morning so the van could go to storage and we could go to our new home, my mums house.

As we were travelling for just over two hours to reach our destination we tried to coordinate our travel with our sons nap and meal times to make sure he slept for most of the journey. Nothing can ever be relied upon when travelling with a baby so I made sure I had the following items just in case something happened:

  1. One fresh milk bottle (lasting a maximum of 2 hours)
  2. 2 ready made milk bottles
  3. 2 sterilised bottles
  4. Water cup
  5. A cheese sandwich
  6. A ready meal (a pouch which could be sucked so no additional equipment required)
  7. Finger food
  8. Fruit puree – again in a pouch
  9. And a selection of toys

We did encounter traffic and ended up stopping off. Obviously not everything in the list above was required, but we were well prepared, plus it meant when we arrived at my mums that we just had to unpack the car and prepare my sons room. The meals for the day were taken care of.

The move as a whole was successful, but this was just a stop gap. We had to find a house to live in, so we knew there would be another move to come.

Part Two; Moving House with a Toddler is to follow.

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