Moving House with a Toddler


EARLIER this week I wrote moving house with a baby, this is part two of the two part blog, sharing my experience of moving house.

By the time we made our next move our little chap was a toddler and into everything. This  presented a whole load of new challenges to overcome. We were less concerned with milk and nap times, it was now food, playtime and safety. We had a little climber on our hands.


We managed this move ourselves rather than appointing any removal companies as we had a great network of family and friends around to help us. It was hard work, backbreaking on some occasions, but with a mix of boys girls, men women and children it all got done and we even shared a take away together in the evening. (not the children of course)


Below are some tips which may help to make your move with your toddler seamless, some of these we followed, but as we were moving from my mums to a new home our son would still see the house we had called home.

  1. Include your toddler in the packing phase. This will help settle them and make them understand what is happening.
  2. Explain that all the family are moving so your toddler doesn’t feel isolated, or like they may be left behind.
  3. Let them pack their favourite toys into one box, and if need be transport them in the car with you so your toddler knows they are safe.
  4. Take pictures of your toddlers favourite places in your old house so they can look at them whenever they choose.
  5. Let them say goodbye to each room before you leave. This may be time consuming, but will help your toddler with their closure phase of your house move.
  6. Pack the toddler room last to ensure they have as long as possible in a less disturbed environment.
  7. Ensure that your toddlers bedroom items are the first off the van.
  8. Set up the toddlers room first, and encourage the toddler to get involved.
  9. Plan your meal times and make sure everyone involved is aware when lunch and dinner will be, and what will be on the menu.
  10. Prepare easy lunch , dinners and snacks that you can transport with you for the few days following your move.
  11. Enlist help if you can. Having one person solely looking after your toddler is invaluable. (My mum saved the day)
  12. Visit the new house a couple of times prior to the move so your toddler can familiarise themselves with the surroundings.
  13. And finally, research the area you will be living in. It is important to get your toddler out into the local community as soon as possible so they become familiar with the local sights. Check out where the park is, local café, is there a soft play centre etc. It might also be useful for you adults to know the local take away. With all this planning for your little ones you will have probably forgotten you need to eat!

If you feel that you are overwhelmed with planning your house move and would like a helping hand. House Moving Solutions can offer just that. Call 07860773351 to arrange your free consultation, or visit for more information on the services we offer.


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