Get organised for your house move in 2017 – Christmas decorations


As we were putting up our tree this year my thoughts turned to our plans for 2017. I know that we will be moving again in 2017, and it is at this point I kicked myself for buying an artificial tree – we will have to move it!!!

I began thinking of the best way to organise our Christmas decorations for next years move, here are some tips I thought of while sipping mulled wine and eating my mince pie!

  1. If you have an artificial tree make sure you keep the box to re pack it and put it back in the loft/shed/garage/cellar etc.
  2. Throw away all the decorations you have not used this year – be ruthless.
  3. Throw away any items broken or damaged when taking down your Christmas tree.
  4. Wrap your lights around an old newspaper as you take them of the tree to stop them from tangling and put them in a plastic bag to keep separate from the other decorations.
  5. Wrap breakable baubles in newspaper or kitchen roll.
  6. Ensure you pack everything in a sturdy box and securely tape it shut.
  7. 25kg is the maximum recommended weight for any box so please make sure you can lift it comfortably – do not over pack it.
  8. Mark the box as Christmas decorations and then the room name for where you store it.
  9. Take out any batteries from battery operated toys which you are going to store for a lengthy period of time.
  10. and finally, take lots of pictures, by the sounds of it this could be the last Christmas in this home.

Done! one box packed for next year.

Merry Christmas.santa

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