Declutter Your House During Half Term

Keeping children entertained during the school holidays can be a challenge. Especially if you are watching the pennies because you’re moving house, so why not involve them in the preparation for the move and set them a task of decluttering your house.

It was a job I used to love as a child, sorting things out! I used to do this with my sister as we shared a room – although I found she just used to sit and read old magazines while I did all the work!

Decluttering can be done even if you are not moving house. It can be done together as a family activity, to help you tick off those items on your to do list. Alternatively set your children the task of organising their own room, perhaps clearing out their toys to give to charity or a friend.  This will free up a bit of time for you to get your particular items in order.


Sound like bliss? Here are a few tips which may help encourage your children to help, and continue helping you.

  1. Make it feel like a fun thing to do – not something they have to do. Invite them to declutter.
  2. Schedule your day, tell them at 10 am it will be snack time / 12noon is lunch / 2pm time for the park. This will give them small windows to tidy and know they have a treat coming up.
  3. Let them decide which charity or person they would like to donate their toys to.
  4. Collect some cardboard boxes and label them with Keep / Bin / Charity – this will make it easy for you to check through items at the end of the clearing out process.
  5. If you are clearing out the garage or a place which has dangerous items then create a game whereby you are the boss and they have to follow your commands, Army role play, or something similar often work well.
  6. Reward them – tell them what a great job they are doing and it is more likely they will continue to help you.
  7. And smile! If you are having a good time, they will be too.

House Moving Solutions can help you declutter your house if you and your children don’t have time.

We can:

  • arrange to take your items to charity,
  • hire a skip,
  • organise charity collections or
  • sell items on your behalf through internet auction pages such as ebay.

Contact us now to ask about our Prepare to Move package. For your free consultation email: or call 07860773351.


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