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While most people when moving will be transferring from one house to another, some people nowadays to try help sell their house as ‘no chain’ move into rented accommodation. This is one of the many tips to try get your house sold a bit quicker.

If this is the case, then you may be looking to rent a smaller house to save money while looking for your perfect house, but you want to keep all your belongings.

It may be the case that not all your furniture will fit into the rented house so you need to source a storage unit. Take into consideration some of the factors below when looking for your storage unit.

It matters where you put your belongings, so treat this as you would a rented property. This will house your personal belongings, and you will have to pay for the space.

Storage Units Leeds


While it would be ideal to have a storage unit close to your house, if you will not be frequently visiting the unit then have a look a little bit further away from home. You can sometimes get a cheaper deal, but weigh this up against the cost of removals.


Opening Times

Check what time the facility opens and closes. Some open 24 hours, and you often pay a premium for this. If you don’t need that facility, then opt for a manned storage unit which has set opening and closing times.

Prohibited items

Check the prohibited items list in the storage unit to make sure you comply. The prohibited items list usually include things such as toxic materials, livestock, and food etc, so you won’t have any issues with general household items, but it’s worth looking into.


Check what security systems they have in place. How the storage units are locked, and do they have CCTV. It is also worth asking them what the crime is like, have they had many burglaries etc.


If you have valuable items in your unit you will need insurance. Check to see if your home insurance policy already covers a storage unit. If not, get a quote from the storage unit as they can often provide insurance with the rent.

business-1845350_1920Climate control

Do you have any items affected by temperature? If so it is worth checking the storage unit for climate control. Indoor storage units may be better than the cheaper outdoor container unit option, which often don’t have climate control.



Go visit the storage unit, and if possible have a look at the size of the unit that you are looking to book. Consider what you are putting in there, and if you will need access to any of those items during the time you are renting the space. If you need access it’s worth renting a unit a little bit bigger then you initially thought, so you have room to walk around the unit as opposed to cramming it full floor to ceiling.

Ask them if there are any special offers on the price, don’t accept the first quote and look around. I would never take less than 3 quotes for any service provided. It is also worth bearing in mind what their penalties are for late payments, so make sure you read that section of the contract thoroughly before signing.

Good luck!

House moving solutions can shop around and find the perfect storage unit for you in Leeds, whether you are moving house or just looking to store excess items for a short-term period, so get in touch!

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One thought on “How to choose the right storage unit for you – House Moving Solutions

  1. amaxwell888 says:

    Thanks for your tip to make sure you have insurance for your more valuable items. I like how you said that you should make sure everything you are putting into your storage unit is allowed to be stowed there. My husband and I are considering storing some valuable things in a secure storage unit while we move into our new house.


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