Easter Holiday Time Management Tips – by House Moving Solutions

Easter with all the ‘free holidays’ is a time to share with your family. However, in 2015/16 The Health and Safety Executive reported 488,000 cases of work related stress, depression, and anxiety. So, if you fall into this category, or perhaps just feel like you have too much on to enjoy your Easter then use the following tips to help manage your time.

These 5 tips can be adapted regardless of what you are worrying about, whether work life, home life, new project, new business, or a house move, so use them, and reap the benefits.

• The Goal


What is the big thing you are worrying about? Break it down into smaller goals and think about when they need to be completed by. Set realistic deadlines and tackle one item at a time. Don’t forget to reward yourself after each completed task.

• Emails

If you need to keep an eye on emails during your Easter break, schedule a time before the family wake up to clear that inbox. A clear inbox will lead to a clear mind ready to enjoy your Easter break.

• To Do List

Create a to do list, and keep it on your phone. If anything does pop into your head while you’re having a great time, then simply add it to your list. If it’s out of your head, you don’t need to worry about remembering it.

• Communication

Tell people you are on holiday, set an out of office message and delegate any tasks possible. If people are aware, they are less likely to try contact you, so make sure you inform all your important contacts. If you won’t get that specific ‘task’ done before you leave work, then delegate it, and again inform people of the situation with that specific task.

• Digital detox

Set a timeframe during your holiday to have a family digital detox – whether it’s just one morning, 24 hours or a whole week, you and your family will feel better for it. Again – if this is something you and your family will find worrying, update statuses to inform people of the Detox, and give emergency contact details, such as contact information for the place you are staying, to a close family friend.

I hope you find some time to relax this Easter holiday. Feel free to comment on this blog and tell us stories from your Easter Holiday.

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rabbit-30479_1280.png Happy Easter from House Moving Solutions



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