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Throughout the 40 days in Lent I put a tip a day on Twitter @housemovingsol. As it is the last day of the Easter break it seems fitting I should publish these for everyone to see.

Here are the 40 I came up with, but there are many many more….

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1.       Celebrate that you have sold your house and bought a new one

2.       Identify the ‘Pain Point’ in your house and set a date to declutter Declutter Your House During Half Term

3.       Do not procrastinate

4.       Keep a list of the post you have received to help with your post redirection contact list

5.       List and measure the furniture you want to transport to your new home

6.       Identify the furniture you don’t need and label it (or mark it in some way) to remind you to get rid of it!

7.       Arrange collection for your unwanted furniture – remember this can sometimes take up to 6 weeks

8.       Register for an Ebay account to sell your unwanted items

9.       Itemise your crockery and note condition! This is crucial if you are using a company to pack and move your belongings

10.   Book your removal van early – Fridays are a busy day

11.   Visit your new home location and see what he locals get up to Areas of Leeds – Rothwell  and Areas of Leeds – Roundhay House Moving Solutions have a bank of information on areas of Leeds, so get in touch if you need guidance on where to go in a certain area.

12.   Set a day to clear out your garage – there will be more in there than you realise. Sunday is a good day.

13.   Make extra food and pop it in the freezer for you to use during the first week in your new home.

14.   Do you have a toddler? Pack their room onto your truck last – last on first off Moving House with a Toddler

15.   Take a picture of your wired connections so you can replicate this in your new home

16.   Scan all your old pictures and save them onto a hard drive – you don’t want to lose or damage precious memories

17.   Get at least 3 quotes for any service you need

18.   Clean your bulky winter clothes and vacuum pack them in preparation for your move

19.   Use double wall cardboard boxes

20.   Don’t ignore the food in your freezer – create meal plans around what you already have

21.   ‘Getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of housework in an average home’ Quote by Organize Hatke

22.   Take photos of the interior of the boxes you have packed, so you know what is in each box. It helps the unpacking process

23.   Create a moving house checklist Moving House Checklist

24.   Use clothes to surround fragile items and save on bubble wrap

25.   Go view storage units before committing to them How to choose the right storage unit for you – House Moving Solutions

26.   Get rid of any clothes that don’t make you feel your best

27.   Moving is like theatre, play your role and make the team happy – provide tea, coffee, biscuits

28.   If you are moving to a new house with a toddler, let them say goodbye to their old house. Moving House with a Toddler and Moving House with a Baby

29.   Do your research before appointing an Estate Agent

30.   Visit an Estate Agents as a customer before appointing them to sell your property

31.   Look after yourself when moving – check out manual handling guidelines and bend at the knees, not the back.

32.   The highest valuation for your house is not always accurate. Ask why they have valued it so high

33.   Planning is key, plan your week and set timescales for when you will organise everything

34.   Use bin liners to bag hanging items and keep the hangers on! Saves on boxes

35.   Moving with animals? Have a look at this link

36.   Pack a bag of useful items and keep them with you in case of emergencies

37.   Selling a leasehold property? Make sure you check out the paperwork fees for the management company

38.   Look after yourself when unpacking, ask a friend to help, and give yourself a break.

39.   Never half pack a box

40.       Do you want to save time and money when moving? All the above too much to think about? Contact House Moving Solutions and arrange a free consultation to find out more:

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