Essential items to help pack and organise your home

Are you thinking of putting your house up for sale? Perhaps you have and it has sold quicker than you imagined. House Moving Solutions can you you that all important nudge to help you pack and organise your home.

A little bit of organisation in your old home can make the transition to your new home so much smoother, it is not to be underestimated.

Have a focus in mind – why are you doing this, is it to tidy up? clear out? send items to charity? if you are clear on your focus it will make the process easier, and hopefully you will only have to do it once.

Now is the time to get to the supermarket and buy these 5 essential items to organise your home before you begin.


  • Food bags

Use to categorise and store small items in any room – ideal for the kitchen and small toys (batteries / lego etc)


  • Sharpie pens

LABEL LABEL LABEL everything!! boxes, food bags, vacuum bags and so on. This will make your life so much easier when unpacking – and be thorough with the labels. Don’t just write ‘kitchen’ ‘bedroom’, be more specific, for example; ‘kitchen, utensils & cutlery’, or ‘Master bedroom, ornaments’.


  • Freshness clips

An absolute kitchen essential – you do not want flour, sugar, pasta, or anything else spilling out into your boxes – or your cupboards for that matter!


  • Vacuum bags

Get those winter clothes cleaned and vacuum packed before your move, space is money! (works for baby / children clothes, big winter coats, and bedding, the list is endless – simply a must have)

Vacuum packs

  • Bin liners

Make sure you have a lot of these, and have located your preferred charity shop / car boot / online selling group / recycling unit… Don’t forget to label where each bag is going.


There a so many great products out there to help organise your home for your move, this only scratches the surface.

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Are you stretched for time? Could you do with a bit of help to get you ready for your house move, or perhaps you just want to get your home organised, if so we can help you, email: today.

Please click HERE to view the range of services House Moving Solutions offer. We are not simply a pack and removal company!

Good luck moving house!

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