Are you moving house in spring? It may be absolutely chucking it down outside, but Spring is the most popular time for people to buy and sell properties. Generally houses look their best with some natural light shining through the windows and the garden in full bloom. Buyers in spring time (unless it’s this week!) are  more likely to walk around a few properties during the day, spend time appreciating the positive qualities, and imagining their life there.

As I say, we are in Britain afterall so you can’t always guarantee the weather, you need to be prepared for every eventuality. Below are House Moving Solutions top 5 tips for moving house in spring.

Top 5 tips



Make sure you have suncream for you and your family. If you move on a hot day even though you are in and out of the house you will be surprised at how much sun you catch.

Raincoats / sunhats


Make sure you have a rain coat and a sun hat! There is nothing worse than having wet clothes when moving. Try get a breathable rain coat if you can too. Equally, in case the weather turns, sun hats are a must, baseball caps are fine for adults but try get a legionnaire hat for children.

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Walking boots

Wear full, but lightweight shoes. Don’t wear flip flops or sandals, regardless of how hot it is – your feet need protecting. Trainers or walking boots, ideally waterproof ones are recommended. If you are using a removal company they should be in steel toe cap boots if carrying heavy goods.

Floor covering

Carpet protector

Carpet protectors, are an absolute must in any weather. Moving house in spring you can never guarantee what weather you will get. Dry or wet soil and dirt can get ingrained into your carpet. Bear in mind what other floor materials you have and choose protectors which are not slip / trip hazards.



Make sure you have plenty of water, juice, tea and/or coffee to keep you, and your team of movers hydrated….. and don’t forget the milk and sugar!

Good luck with your move! While the sun brings it’s challenges, I hope you have a dry, if not sunny day to move house.

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