Mortgage approved

Your offer has been accepted, what are the next steps?

Next Steps

The offer on your dream home has been accepted! Your new home is almost in your hands, but what are your next steps to make this dream a reality?

If you, like us, feel like everything is racing at 100 miles an hour, just take a moment to sit back and focus on what the key things are that you need to achieve this week. If you are married then work together as a team. Identify each others strengths and split up tasks accordingly. My husband arranged our mortgage as he is amazing with numbers, while I looked into appointing a solicitor for us.

There are three main areas you need to concentrate on once your offer has been accepted, these are:

  • Completing your mortgage application, unless you are in the fortunate position of being a cash buyer
  • Confirming your solicitor
  • Identifying problem areas in your current home which need addressing

Mortgage Application

Mortgage affordability

Every buyers situation is different. I would suggest approaching your bank initially and seeing what mortgages they can offer you. Check out comparison websites to see what mortgages are available  and there is no harm in contacting a broker for some advice. Estate Agents often offer this service for free, and there are independent brokers too, you do have to pay for their service, but an initial consultation is generally free.

We sourced our motgage through London and Country a ‘no fee’ broker. We have used them before and were very happy with the service they provided. So far we have no complaints this time either.


Solicitors contract

In my next blog I cover in more detail how we appointed a solicitor.

Approach no less than three solicitors to obtain quotes, and put all the data into a spreadsheet so you can easily identify what the costs are for each service they cover. Areas will include; their fee, searches fees, disembursement fees and the like. The spreadsheet will make it a lot easier to draw comparisons, as solicitors attribute different names for services so it can be hard to compare what they are quoting you on.

Dont be afraid to go back to the solicitor and ask questions before you appoint them.

Companies I receieved a good response from were: and

We didn’t appoint either of these companies, but they gave concise and informative quotations. We appointed Premier Property Lawyers They weren’t the cheapest, but we have worked with them before and were very happy with the service they provided last time.

‘Untidy’ areas

Untidy areas

When I speak to people about their move the part they find most daunting is decluttering their belongings. Start this process as early as you can. You can of course just pack everything into boxes, label them and not declutter at all, however, it will make unpacking unbearable.  Get the family involved this weeked – do not procrastinate!

Creation of a moving plan is essential. Identify the areas in your home which need the most attention. Plan over the course of six weeks when and how you will tackle these areas, and stick to it. House Moving Solutions create bespoke Moving Plans for people in exactly this situation, so please do get in touch if you are feeling a little overwhelmed. For further details visit our web page

Good luck with the next steps in organising your move! Follow House Moving Solutions on Facebook for weekly blogs on how to get organised for your move!

House Moving Solutions is a one stop shop house move managemt consultancy company managing every aspect of your move for you. We are not simply a pack and removal company, we organise, declutter, pack, source suppliers and much much more. To view the full range of services we offer please click HERE or Contact us for more information.

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