Moving plan creation

Our Moving Plan – Week 1

Last week we appointed a solicitor and this week I have created our bespoke moving plan to keep us in line over the coming weeks. Believe it or not the plan is to begin packing items this weekend.

We are not in a chain so have been told that completion could be 4-6 weeks away. Ordinarily with a chain 12 weeks is the industry ‘norm’. With this in mind, I want to make sure we are prepared. Procrastination is not an option – I am trading in my glass of wine on an evening to adhere to my own personal moving plan! (Maybe I could have a glass of wine whilst organising 🙂 that’s what I tell my clients)

The moving plan I produce provides an action list over the course of six weeks. Six weeks gives plenty of time to be able to organise the home before plunging into packing, that said, the earlier you begin preparing the easier it will be. Packing is never as difficult when you have already decluttered draws and cupboards.

So week one of my moving plan, what does it look like? This week I am sourcing my boxes – initially I was going to buy them, however I just think that is additional expense that we don’t need at the moment. You can source boxes for free from supermarkets, I’m getting mine from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose apparently reserve them for you too. Whether buying or sourcing boxes for free, look out for double walled cardboard boxes for your fragile items as these are the sturdiest.

dpouble walled cardboard boxes

I am also buying a few additional home organisation items – mainly vacuum packs for my coats, and I am going to create my set of colour coded packing labels. Take a look at this blog for a few tips

My moving plan for week one includes:

  • Tidying both mine and my husbands filing systems and shredding unnecessary paperwork,
  • Downloading CD’s onto my laptop and making decisions about my DVD’s whether to keep, sell, donate, or bin!
  • Turning all the hangers in our wardrobe in the opposite direction and assessing what items of clothing we use in the next month.

Have you ever heard of this before? The likelihood is, if you haven’t worn an item of clothing (appropriate for the weather of course) within a month then research suggests you won’t wear it again. This should help with our wardrobe clear out before the move! (Especially my husband! He has clothes which he never wears and that were purchased before I met him 7 years ago) I am clearly not in charge of his wardrobe!

  • And beginning to tackle the attic

With this clear-out there will inevitably be trips to the recycling unit and charity shops, so I have set aside Saturday morning as my time to make these trips. It’s not ideal as it will be busy, however it suits me as I don’t have work or have to worry about childcare arrangements.

I will let you know how I got on next week! Wish me luck.

If you are interested in having a moving plan created to manage your move, then please get in touch at or call 07860773351 to arrange your free consultation. It’s a 6-week programme with weekly calls to help keep you on track! Visit to find out more.

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