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Our Moving Plan – Week 2

Our moving plan for week one was a triumph. I’m not going to lie to you and say that everything has been completed because it hasn’t, but having the Moving Plan has sparked conversations between my husband and I so we know what tasks lay ahead of us.

I have ordered labels for my boxes, I could have created my own, and you certainly can or you can just write on the boxes in marker pen. My issue was that ordinary labels weren’t sticking to my suitcases, so I am hoping that the adhesive on these labels is stronger than ordinary laser labels. I bought these:

I reserved and collected my boxes from Sainsbury’s. Admittedly I did have to go in three times as they kept forgetting to save some for me, but, I had given myself enough time to allow for this delay so it wasn’t an issue. Plus I got them for free so I can’t complain too much – I am still basking in the glory of saving £50.00.

Not all supermarkets will do this for you. When I was looking at buying my boxes I was going to use this company

They seemed to be one of the cheapest around, and gave a mixture of double walled and single walled boxes. The reviews on the site were good too.

So what did we achieve in week one?

Well, I have my boxes and I have ordered my stickers. I have ordered tape and bubblewrap too.

Tidying our filing

GREEN: This has been completed and is now neatly stacked in our attic.

Downloading CD’s / DVD’s

AMBER: We have decided to try sell these so I am finding out how much we can get from Music Magpie and Ziffit – take a look at the links below if you are interested in selling books, CD’s or DVD’s.


This is now a week 2 task.

Turning hangers in our wardrobe

GREEN: All my hangers are turned so I can assess which items I wear on a regular basis.

Beginning to tackle the attic

AMBER – I have packed away winter coats and scarves in suitcases, folded up our guest pull out bed. Washed and put away all the bedding from the spare room bed, and cleared out underneath the pull out bed. I have also identified the number of suitcases we can use for the move.

I took my son up to help out when I was clearing the attic as he is 2 he likes to be involved, and I found it to be a surprisingly enjoyable experience – I did have to take cars and the car garage up there with us though. The Pictionary game was also scattered around the attic so I had to spend time tidying up that! Those of you that have toddlers, it is important to keep them involved in what you are doing. They understand so much, even at this young age, it is important to explain regularly what is happening with the move. Have a look at these blogs I wrote late last year on moving house with a baby, and moving house with a toddler.

I also cleared out the bathroom, I just happened to be in there, and have a spare hour. This was something to be completed this week so I turned it green ahead of schedule. I haven’t labelled it, but our new home just has one bathroom so it’s self-explanatory. I have also categorised everything in there to make packing our essentials box a bit easier for he day of the move.

The tasks are there to purely focus the mind on what needs to be achieved.

Week 2 Moving Plan

This week my moving plan will be concentrating on the following items:

  • Finish off packing the attic
  • Selling / donating DVD’s
  • Identifying what is under our bed
  • Sorting through our bedside cabinets
  • Clearing out my sons clothes

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