Our Moving Plan – Week 3

I am thoroughly enjoying preparing for our move and following Our Moving Plan. The video below documents the progress from Our Moving Plan – Week 3. In Week 1 and 2 I wrote a blog for you, I thought I would try a video this time – often its easier to listen to progress and tips rather than read them. I know everyone is short on time! Let me know what you think.

We don’t yet have a moving date, but I am not letting this stop me organise and pack items that we won’t need between now and the move. Ordinarily a House Movoing Solutions Moving Plan will take six weeks, however it is always tailored to personal circumstances. If you are interested in having a moving plan prepared for your move, or perhaps you just need some help decluttering and organising your home, then get in touch.

House Moving Solutions offer a range of services to help make the process of moving house easier! Our range of services can be viewed here



I hope you enjoyed watching!

The progress from week 4 is due to follow later this week…

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the thought of moving, then get in touch. House Moving Solutions can create a bespoke moving plan for you and combined with weekly calls to keep you on track, you will be ready for your move in no time. Email housemovingsolutions@gmail.com now, or use our contact us form for more information.

Good luck!


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