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Home Staging

There has been a lot in the news recently about moving, and how the cost of moving house has increased. The average cost of moving in the UK is now £11,624, which is a 6% increase from last year, according to the Telegraph 17th September 2017. With this in mind you should be making every effort to achieve, if not exceed the asking price. Home staging is a key part of this process.

Your home is your home; you love everything about it. You have pictures up of the ones you love and maybe it even smells like your nearest and dearest, especially if you have pets. But I can assure you someone looking to buy your home will not want to see your family pictures, nor smell your pets, even if they are a pet lover!

We have compiled our top 10 tips to help you stage your home and achieve that all important asking price.

10 Home Staging tips:


Before you even get those all important photos on Rightmove you need to declutter. Decluttering is essential before you begin home staging. You are looking to create an illusion of space, so you need to make sure that you only have essential items in your home. Box up personal items and photographs; put unnecessary furniture into storage or the garage ready for your move.

First impressions

Within 8 seconds a person has made an assumption about your home. Make sure that your front door is clean if t’s PVC and if you have a wooden door then touch up the paintwork and wipe away any cobwebs. Adding planters to the front is always a nice touch too. Make sure that all bushes / plants are trimmed so they don’t interfere with any walkway.


It may sound silly because of course you clean, but clean your house from top to bottom, including skirting boards, and those cobwebs dangling from the ceiling. Leave no area untouched, and keep up to this. When someone sees a clean and tidy house they will immediately think that it has been looked after, which in turn will mean they are likely to put a higher offer in on your home.


While this may seem a bit extravagant painting your house a neutral colour really does help the new buyer visualise themselves in your home. A tin of magnolia won’t break the bank and it could be the difference between an asking price offer and one £10 – 20k under. Also make sure that you paint well in advance of your first viewing, as paint smells to a buyer makes those alarm bells ring!

Light Light Light

Before you have your professional pictures taken make sure all bulbs in your house, including lamps are installed with bulbs higher than 60w. You want your home to appear spacious and light. Wash all windows too; this can increase the light into your home by up to 30%. For the viewings make sure every light is switched on.

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Do you have a dripping tap? Perhaps there is a loose Sky cable at the front of the house? Or a few mould spots on the wall? Get a local handy man in to fix all these little imperfections in your home. It all helps to create an illusion of perfection. Buyers do not want to see issues when they walk into a house, no matter how small. The mould spots may not be damp, but to a buyer they will instantly see money going down the drain.


Open your windows for at least half an hour every day to eliminate odours. Consider baking cookies or something similar when you have a viewing scheduled. If it’s cold outside then make sure your heating is on, and if it’s warm make sure the windows are open.


Add greenery to your home, a fruit bowl on the kitchen table is not clutter its home dressing, planters at your front door are inviting, a green plant in your bathroom makes the room more relaxing. Ensure you have plants to add a touch of humility to your home.

Brand new home

If you are selling a home without furniture it is very difficult for a buyer to imagine himself or herself living there. They also find it hard to visualise space. Consider hiring in some furniture to help the property sell.


Your photos are the advert to your property, make sure they stand out and show your home in the best light. To get the best offer possible your home then has to match those photos. It will be worth the effort in the long run!

So that’s our top 10 tips Good Luck! We hope you achieve the right price for your home!

If you need help staging your own home, then call House Moving Solutions. We offer Home Staging services, plus assistance Decluttering. Even if your home is already on the market we can offer assistance – it’s never too late to get organised. Contact us for a free consultation or email to find out more. View our other services here 
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The cost of moving house in the UK

Region Cost in 2017 1 year % change
South West £13,443 21%
East Anglia £12,909 18%
Northern Ireland £6,131 14%
East Midlands £9,460 13%
North West £8,092 8%
South East £21,373 6%
Wales £8,008 6%
London £32,092 2%
West Midlands £10,044 2%
Yorkshire and the Humber £7,623 -1%
Scotland £6,418 -8%
North East £6,539 -8%
UK £11,624 6%


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