New Year New Me

Happy New Year to you all. At the end of the first week into the New Year how are you feeling? Have those resolutions already faltered or are you still going strong? I’m always excited about a New Year and promise myself, New Year New Me, but the goals have to be achievable.

Over the last 12 months I have been on a journey both of setting up a new business and moving to a new house. Now my family and I are in our New Home, I want us to be clean living both in terms of lifestyle and clutter.

I decluttered our house when we moved, reorganising all our drawers and cupboards, but somehow over time things seem to have gotten a little misshapen again. So here we are, New Year New Me.

The key to becoming cleaner living is to plan and keep the focus. Below I share with you my top tips. This is not a one stop wonder solution. You must put the effort in and change your lifestyle to reap the rewards.


Buy a diary or use an online calendar to organise your time. Share your online calendars with your other halves to save time texting / calling back and forth when planning events into the calendar.

It also astounds me how by writing something down I am more inclined to remember it. If you have children it is crucial to have some form of diary to be able to keep up with all their activities, if nothing else.


How much time do you spend wondering what to have for dinner or lunch? You may then have to go to the shop because you are missing key ingredients. Perhaps by not planning lunches you eat out every lunchtime. I highly recommend planning your lunches and dinners for the week. Do one weekly shop and adhere to your choices made at the beginning of the week. If you shop onlined then great news even more time is saved. You will be surprised not only with how much time you save deciding what to eat, but how much cleaner and organised your cupboards become, not to mention how much money you will save.

Frantic Mornings

Do you have that frantic rush on a morning to get the family ready for the day ahead? I find it useful to take ten minutes out from my evening to plan the following day’s activities.

Check your diary and ensure you have the clothes appropriate for the following day, then do the same for children, including sorting out PE kits etc. If you make lunches then also do this the night before. A little bit of preparation will save no end of time in the morning. Line up all packed bags, coats and shoes at the door ready for the following morning. I get areal sense of achievement by planning in this way, and it allows me time to enjoy breakfast with the family on a morning rather than rushing around.

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We can’t all be fortunate to have a cleaner, so rather then procrastinating about housework, set out certain days and times which suit your schedule when you can clean. I probably have an unconventional approach to cleaning, but do what works for you. I prefer to polish the whole house rather than a room at a time so I don’t’ have to keep changing my cleaning products. The only exception is the bathroom – that is always cleaned in its entirety. If you keep on top of it then the cleaning will take less time when you do approach it, so it seems less of a chore.

Compliment this by creating a weekly shop shopping list throughout the week.  When you run out of certain products, add thoseto your shopping list then when you do get around to your cleaning day you have the right products and tools for the job!

House Moving Solutions are offering free one hour Home Organisation consultations to Yorkshire Folk throughout January. This service is tailored towards addressing your personal pain points and what you would like to achieve in your household. To book your consultation or find out more information email Nichola on

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Look forward to hearing from you and Happy New Year!

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