Moving Plan – Week 4

Your moving plan will allow you the flexibility to continue doing the things that you want to do, whilst also organising your home in preparation for your move. Week 4 of my moving plan was very similar to the one laid out below. I found it easier to record exactly what I would be doing each night and to work my moving plan around what our family had scheduled. For example I love organising toys and don’t mind the mess associated with that. Whereas my husband cannot stand that kind of mess. By organising this when he was out it freed up weekend time, my son getting angry because I was taking his toys away and my husband getting irritated by the mess I was making. Win win! I was also able to ensure that my netball session wasn’t interrupted by frantic packing, allowing that all important ‘me’ time.

Creating a plan for your move is the best piece of advice I can give. I appreciate things change, but if you have the outline of a moving plan and then something crops up it is easier to move that item further along in week 4 or allocate it to another week altogether. Equally, if you put your plan onto a Gannt chart or spreadsheet like I do for my clients, you can use the RAG system to monitor progress throughout the weeks. This is a great way of capturing progress, especially if you are waiting on replies from key suppliers.

Example of a Moving Plan – Week 4

Moving Plan - Week 4

To view content covered in previous weeks then take a look at the blogs I have written on Moving Plan – Week 1, Moving Plan – Week 2, and Moving Plan – Week 3

Remember, the main focus of a plan is to identify your pain points and tackle those first. Then assess what you may like to sell and set the wheels in motion for that as soon as possible, and don’t forget if you would like to donate any furniture to charity collection can take six weeks, so you need to be prepared for that.

Don’t have the time to create a moving plan? House Moving Solutions can do this for you. Get in touch to find out more

Good luck with your move!

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