The hunt for an Estate Agent

The Hunt for an Estate Agent

You are thinking of selling your house, so the hunt for an Estate Agent begins. What do you look for in an Estate Agent? How do you choose the right one for you?

Typically people choose an Estate Agent based on one of the five reasons outlined below:

  1. They sold you the house

When you bought your home this Estate Agent sold you the house. You feel comfortable with that agent, they know your house already so you invite them back to sell yours.

  1. They are selling the house you want to buy

You have found your dream home and your house is not yet on the market…. Oh dear.

  1. Referral

Your friend or family member had fantastic service from an Estate Agent.

  1. The local Estate Agent

The high street branch that you pass when popping out to the post office, who also have boards up all over the area where you live.

  1. They have an offer on

No sale no fee, 0.5% Commission, 0% Commission.

All of the above are valid reasons for choosing an Estate Agent, but it pays to be prepared. This after all for most people is their biggest asset to sell, so why would you cut corners? Many people do. This decision should not be rushed. You should seek three valuations for your property and do your research on your Estate Agent, you are after all (in most cases) trusting them with your most valuable asset.

What should you look for in an Estate Agent?

  1. Knowledge of your local area

This is so important. An Estate Agent who knows your area knows the market and why people want to live there. They can help sell your house by writing a description targeting exactly the kind of people that want to buy it.

  1. Reviews

Take a look on the All Agents website for reviews of your chosen Estate Agent This will give you an idea of how hey rate against other Estate Agents in your area.

  1. Valuation

There are so many tools available to help you find out what your house is worth. Take a look at Money Saving Expert Do your own research into what your house should be valued at. Be aware of Estate Agents over valuing your property, in a lot of cases they do this to win the business then your home ends up being reduced after the first month.

  1. Fees

It is so tempting to go with the agent who charges the least. I too would be tempted by this and may even do this, but it is worth bearing in mind that the sale of the house can sometimes be the easiest part of your journey. The sales progression is by far the most stressful part of any house sale. It is sometimes worth paying that little bit extra for a company who can demonstrate that they have a personal service for this. Make sure you ask about the fall through rate of sales too. This will help you understand how many of their sales go through to completion.

If you feel overwhelmed by this information and are worried that you don’t have the time to find the right Estate Agent, House Moving Solutions can provide this service for you. We can help you prepare your home for sale and ensure your receive the best, most accurate valuation and Estate Agent to sell your home. Contact us now on 07860773351 or email to discuss the possibilities.

House Moving Solutions has a more in depth blog about How to Choose the Right Estate Agent, check it out here



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