Moving House with Post Natal Depression

Moving House with Postnatal Depression

Whether you have the baby blues or have been diagnosed with Postnatal Depression the feeling of being overwhelmed when your family has grown can be all too consuming. When this feeling takes hold of you, you may feel like you have little or no energy to carry out the simplest tasks, let alone move house.

If you are feeling like this then the first step is to speak to your Health Visitor or Doctor. This link is for the Leeds Community Healthcare team, but there should be other similar links for the rest of the UK.

Once you have some medical advice in place then you can follow this blog to start making sense of what needs to be done to make your house move as stress free as possible.

There are four components to making sure your house move is straightforward

  1. Declutter / organise
  2. Discard unwanted items
  3. Source Suppliers
  4. Pack

Do not attempt to pack before you have eradicated unwanted items. You do not want to be transporting those items to a new house.

With these three areas in mind lets create a ‘to do list’ and tackle point number 1 in this blog.

Moving with Postnatal Depression

  1. Identify your problem areas: (e.g.)

    • Under the stairs
    • Kitchen cupboards – Food
    • Bedroom – underwear drawer

Areas where when you approach them you feel a sense of impending doom. Make these areas small, think about areas within the room rather than a room as a whole. This makes the task more manageable. Write these down.

  1. Create a schedule / task list

You now know which areas need to be tackled, schedule a day and time to do this activity. Again, I reiterate this should be one small area, underwear drawer in bedroom for example. Ideally up to an hours’ worth of activity, no more.

Moving with Postnatal Depression

  1. Praise yourself

Once activities have been completed make sure they are ticked off / marked as completed on your ‘to do list’ whatever works best for you. Class that as a win for the day. Small wins can make all the difference.

By systematically breaking this decluttering / home organisation task into small chunks and allocating time to do these activities you will gradually begin to see progress.

Ideally you should allow yourself 6 weeks to go through this whole process. But if you don’t have 6 weeks then check out our ‘arrrgghhh I’m moving house next week blog’

House Moving Solutions provide a bespoke service to help people manage their house move. Please call Nichola on 07860773351 or email to see how we can help you.

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