Viewing houses

House Moving Solutions Top 5 tips for viewing houses

I love viewing houses. My family and I are looking to buy a house. Over the last month we have viewed 8, maybe 9 properties, and put offers in on two which were both unsuccessful. What made me put offers in on those two houses and not the others you may ask. It all boils down to our checklist. We look at our five key ‘needs’ before even viewing let alone putting an offer in on a property.

My tips are not about whether the house has got the right boiler, roof, or trip switch installation. While these are all very important and need consideration, the heart can often rule a decision like this, so we need to train your own mind before concentrating on house specifics.

Keep thinking about these top five areas for consideration when viewing houses and you will find that the decision will be made by your head and not your heart. Don’t get me wrong you need to LOVE the place too,  just in a rational way!



  1. Make a list of what is important to you


My list includes a garden for the little one. A decent sized third bedroom, either for guests or in case we decide to extend the family. Potential space to extend so given the option, we don’t have to move again. And finally a big family area / kitchen diner. I do love a good fireplace too but that is  a heart ruling feature for me when viewing houses.

2. Affordability


Realistically what can you afford. Ask yourself,  how much deposit do you have? how much money do you have spare to renovate if required? If you are renovating then do some research. On average to rewire a 3 bedroomed house it is £4k, and  approximately £5k for central heating. Which? give some guidance on costs but best practise is to contact tradespeople for a quote.  Collate a list of reputable suppliers, seek recommendations from people and book them in early. The best companies get booked up fast! You may not put an offer in on ‘that’ renovation project but another one may come up next week so it’s worth preparing.

3. Take your time preparing for and viewing houses

Take your time

It is really hard for me to say this, as when I love a house I want to make an offer straight away. Ideally research the area before viewing the house, drive down the street, check out the local amenities and take a look at the Schools on the Ofsted website (if you have children)  I also find having a look on google maps is handy when viewing houses so you know what plot of land the house is on. Photo’s are generally taken by professionals to accentuate all the good features of the property.

Once you have done the groundwork and know the house is somewhere you would consider living, then arrange a viewing. You will be better placed to know whether you would like to make an offer after the first viewing. That is when you also need to consult the checklist for what to look for in your new home.

When you are at the house take your time! Check everything you need to check – lights, windows, extractor fan, integrated cooker if you like! You could be paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for this property, it has to be right for you.

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4. Arranging a House Viewing

Arranging a viewing

Unless you know the owner then you will have to deal with an Estate Agent. I know there are good and bad Estate Agents out there, and every experience is different, so treat them all as though they are going to be rubbish and you won’t be disappointed. Have a look at the All Agents website to see how the Estate Agent you are dealing with is rated

First, email the agent with the houses you would like to view, and then follow up with a call. If it’s your first contact with that Estate Agent be ready for them to ask you war and peace about your personal life… kids, dogs, ideal house, fireplace, etc etc but ultimately they want to know how much you can afford. It’s not a secret that Estate Agents do this kind of rigorous checking and it’s exactly their job to do this! If we were selling our home we would want this kind of service. They need to know if you are a serious buyer. Keep some cards close to your chest though – the Estate Agent doesn’t need to know what the value of your Mortgage in Principle is.

5. Your offer

Offer on a house

After you have gone through all your considerations, you like we did will come to a point where you are happy to put an offer in.

Know what you will offer and what your ceiling price is too. Check out Zoopla for an estimate valuation (although bear in mind they can often be inaccurate.) Always offer lower than your maximum, unless you are entering a bidding war. There are a LOT of modern day auctions taking place, hosted by Estate Agents and not auction houses, so be aware of the ‘offer’ process, especially if you are looking at a renovation project or a property in a sought after area.

If the house has recently returned to the market, find out why the previous sale fell through, and if you are interested in the property and have contact with the vendor then ask them what price they would be willing to accept. House prices with tags such as ‘guide price’ and ‘offers over’ are leaving the market very open to interpretation.

Estate Agents will keep their cards very close to their chest, so you will never know exactly what other offers have been made, nor the value. Ask the Estate Agent who the competition is, what, if any offers have been made, and draw your own conclusions from the answers given.  Find out if you are bidding against cash buyers and if you are not one yourself then sell other spects of your position, no chain, mortgage in principle, etc etc.

Hopefully sharing some of my experiences when viewing houses will benefit you at your next viewing!

Until next time, good luck searching for the home of your dreams.

If you are moving house and struggling to know where to begin, House Moving Solutions provides a consultancy service to take all the stress out of the move for you. Click HERE and take a look at the range the services we offer, from decluttering to managing your whole move, we can do it all.

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Moving house in spring

House Moving Solutions top 5 tips for moving house in spring

Are you moving house in spring? It may be absolutely chucking it down outside, but Spring is the most popular time for people to buy and sell properties. Generally houses look their best with some natural light shining through the windows and the garden in full bloom. Buyers in spring time (unless it’s this week!) are  more likely to walk around a few properties during the day, spend time appreciating the positive qualities, and imagining their life there.

As I say, we are in Britain afterall so you can’t always guarantee the weather, you need to be prepared for every eventuality. Below are House Moving Solutions top 5 tips for moving house in spring.

Top 5 tips



Make sure you have suncream for you and your family. If you move on a hot day even though you are in and out of the house you will be surprised at how much sun you catch.

Raincoats / sunhats


Make sure you have a rain coat and a sun hat! There is nothing worse than having wet clothes when moving. Try get a breathable rain coat if you can too. Equally, in case the weather turns, sun hats are a must, baseball caps are fine for adults but try get a legionnaire hat for children.

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Walking boots

Wear full, but lightweight shoes. Don’t wear flip flops or sandals, regardless of how hot it is – your feet need protecting. Trainers or walking boots, ideally waterproof ones are recommended. If you are using a removal company they should be in steel toe cap boots if carrying heavy goods.

Floor covering

Carpet protector

Carpet protectors, are an absolute must in any weather. Moving house in spring you can never guarantee what weather you will get. Dry or wet soil and dirt can get ingrained into your carpet. Bear in mind what other floor materials you have and choose protectors which are not slip / trip hazards.



Make sure you have plenty of water, juice, tea and/or coffee to keep you, and your team of movers hydrated….. and don’t forget the milk and sugar!

Good luck with your move! While the sun brings it’s challenges, I hope you have a dry, if not sunny day to move house.

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House Moving Solutions is a one stop shop house moving consultancy which saves you time and money when moving house. Contact us here to arrange your FREE consultation.

Big House

Is your property worth in excess of £300,000?

Did you know that properties over £300,000 – £3,000,000 are considered by the industry to be premium properties?

Did you also know that there are Estate Agents who offer specific marketing tools to attract buyers for these premium properties?

Earlier this month I met with Linden Thornton who is a Director at Yorkshires Finest Estate Agents. He manages the Halifax / Bradford branch. He was kind enought to give insight in how to market these prestigious properties, and shared his top 5 marketing tips with House Moving Solutions.

Top 5 Tips for marketing a property worth in excess of £300,000

  • Ariel photography & videography are a must to showcase everything the property has to offer
  • 3D imagery of the inside of the property attracts buyers from outside the area, even abroad. Some people can’t always view a property
  • Publications in high quality magazines which are specifically targeted at the audience who may buy your property
  • Always list as a premium property on Rightmove
  • Market on Zoopla and Rightmove (includes prime location) to get the best chance of your property being noticed online

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House Moving Solutions is now partnered with Yorkshires Finest. Yorkshire’s Finest will therefore appear on House Moving Solutions preferred supplier list when sourcing an Estate Agent for clients within the Yorkshire region.

For further information on the services House Moving Solutions offer please email: or visit

To contact Yorkshire’s finest Halifax branch please email: Linden Thornton or visit

Essential items to help pack and organise your home

Are you thinking of putting your house up for sale? Perhaps you have and it has sold quicker than you imagined.

A little bit of organisation in your old home can make the transition to your new home so much smoother, it is not to be underestimated.

Have a focus in mind – why are you doing this, is it to tidy up? clear out? send items to charity? if you are clear on your focus it will make the process easier, and hopefully you will only have to do it once.

Now is the time to get to the supermarket and buy these 5 essential items to organise your home before you begin.


  • Food bags

Use to categorise and store small items in any room – ideal for the kitchen and small toys (batteries / lego etc)


  • Sharpie pens

LABEL LABEL LABEL everything!! boxes, food bags, vacuum bags and so on. This will make your life so much easier when unpacking – and be thorough with the labels. Don’t just write ‘kitchen’ ‘bedroom’, be more specific, for example; ‘kitchen, utensils & cutlery’, or ‘Master bedroom, ornaments’.


  • Freshness clips

An absolute kitchen essential – you do not want flour, sugar, pasta, or anything else spilling out into your boxes – or your cupboards for that matter!


  • Vacuum bags

Get those winter clothes cleaned and vacuum packed before your move, space is money! (works for baby / children clothes, big winter coats, and bedding, the list is endless – simply a must have)

Vacuum packs

  • Bin liners

Make sure you have a lot of these, and have located your preferred charity shop / car boot / online selling group / recycling unit… Don’t forget to label where each bag is going.


There a so many great products out there to help organise your home for your move, this only scratches the surface.

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Are you stretched for time? Could you do with a bit of help to get you ready for your house move, or perhaps you just want to get your home organised, if so we can help you, email: today.

Please click HERE to view the range of services House Moving Solutions offer. We are not simply a pack and removal company!

Good luck moving house!

Safety when moving house – House Moving Solutions

I will keep this brief, who wants to read about safety?! but each point is important to ensuring your family move house in the safest possible way.

  • Keep all pathways clear, it’s self-explanatory, you don’t want to trip up and fall down the stairs.
  • Keep access to doorways clear, you never know when an emergency coffee run may be needed!
  • If you are packing boxes make sure they are stored away in a secure room away from pets and small children.
  • Lift from the knees and not the back. The last thing you want is to be laid up in your new house relying on your other half or children to have to do all the unpacking! If you’re anything like me, I need to oversee everything.

Carrying a box

  • Don’t carry boxes piled high, always make sure you can see where you are going.
  • If you have anyone working above you in an open space, wear a hard hat – sounds ridiculous, but do you want that 6ft snowman from the loft falling on your head?
  • Evenly distribute items in your box to make sure when you carry your box all the heavy items are not loaded on one side.
  • Place all heavy items at the bottom of the box – this will make sure the box is evenly distributed, and you won’t crush smaller lightweight items.
  • Flat shoes are a MUST ladies.
  • Insist that your removal company has 3 point PPE available.

House Moving Solutions can manage the on the day move for you keeping you and your family safe. We can also carry out checks on all your appointed suppliers to ensure they are Health and Safety compliant. To find out more email:

All our packages can be found HERE so why not take a sneaky peek and see how we can help you move house.

How to choose the right Estate Agent – House Moving Solutions

Spring is the busiest time of year for the property industry, so you want to make sure you choose the right Estate Agent for your home, one which will give you, your home and viewers the attention they deserve.

So where do you begin? There are adverts on the TV shouting at you, pay up front, no hidden fees, and every street you seem to walk down has about 5 estate agents glaring at you. Do you walk in? Are you ready? What do you need to know?

There is no right or wrong way to select your Estate Agent, ultimately you go for the company you can afford, with the best reviews, but here are a few tips for you to consider:


  • Speak to the company that sold your property to you – they obviously did something right.
  • See if any similar properties in your area have been sold, and if so by which Estate Agent.
  • Check on Rightmove, if you can, to see when properties like yours went up for sale, and how long they took to sell.
  • Please please please contact the Estate Agent as a prospective buyer – see how they operate. I have been put off viewing several houses because of the treatment I have received as a buyer, so make sure your potential buyers are treated well.


  • Do a free online valuation with Zoopla so you have an idea about what your house is worth.
  • See what prices the houses in your area have sold for.
  • Get at least three valuations from Estate Agents.

Marketing / Extras:

  • What do you get for the money you pay them?
  • It’s worth considering (if it is included in the price) asking the Estate Agent to do the viewings?
  • Where will your property be marketed? Rightmove is critical as that is the most popular online search engine for property. Some offer presence on Zoopla, and others on the smaller less well known site On the Market rather than Zoopla – weigh up the options, and choose what is best for you.
  • Shop windows also have an appeal – depending who may buy your property. Families / Retired people will often use a shop window approach as they are strolling down the high street.


Be ready for the questions they will ask you. If this is your property then no doubt you will have all the answers at your fingertips but there will be questions such as:
  • Do you have double glazing
  • Do you have central heating
  • When did you buy the property
  • Does your property have a garage / parking?
  • Has there been any alterations to the building in the time you have bought it, extensions and  the like.
  • Number of bedrooms and reception rooms.
If you consider these minor details it will help you feel more prepared when entering your first valuation with the Estate Agent.
Remember, it is never too early to begin preparing for your move. Once your house is on the market you could sell within one day!

On average it takes about 5 hours to research and appoint the right Estate Agent. If you are short on time House Moving Solutions can source and appoint an Estate Agent for you. If you would like us to handle this for you, we will source no less than 3 Estate Agents and provide a recommendation pack based on our research.

Email:  now to arrange a free consultation to see how we can take away the stress of moving house, while also saving you time and money.

Tips for Moving to a New House – House Moving Solutions


Throughout the 40 days in Lent I put a tip a day on Twitter @housemovingsol. As it is the last day of the Easter break it seems fitting I should publish these for everyone to see.

Here are the 40 I came up with, but there are many many more….

Visit our website, follow us on Facebook: Twitter: and Instagram: to follow our journey.

1.       Celebrate that you have sold your house and bought a new one

2.       Identify the ‘Pain Point’ in your house and set a date to declutter Declutter Your House During Half Term

3.       Do not procrastinate

4.       Keep a list of the post you have received to help with your post redirection contact list

5.       List and measure the furniture you want to transport to your new home

6.       Identify the furniture you don’t need and label it (or mark it in some way) to remind you to get rid of it!

7.       Arrange collection for your unwanted furniture – remember this can sometimes take up to 6 weeks

8.       Register for an Ebay account to sell your unwanted items

9.       Itemise your crockery and note condition! This is crucial if you are using a company to pack and move your belongings

10.   Book your removal van early – Fridays are a busy day

11.   Visit your new home location and see what he locals get up to Areas of Leeds – Rothwell  and Areas of Leeds – Roundhay House Moving Solutions have a bank of information on areas of Leeds, so get in touch if you need guidance on where to go in a certain area.

12.   Set a day to clear out your garage – there will be more in there than you realise. Sunday is a good day.

13.   Make extra food and pop it in the freezer for you to use during the first week in your new home.

14.   Do you have a toddler? Pack their room onto your truck last – last on first off Moving House with a Toddler

15.   Take a picture of your wired connections so you can replicate this in your new home

16.   Scan all your old pictures and save them onto a hard drive – you don’t want to lose or damage precious memories

17.   Get at least 3 quotes for any service you need

18.   Clean your bulky winter clothes and vacuum pack them in preparation for your move

19.   Use double wall cardboard boxes

20.   Don’t ignore the food in your freezer – create meal plans around what you already have

21.   ‘Getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of housework in an average home’ Quote by Organize Hatke

22.   Take photos of the interior of the boxes you have packed, so you know what is in each box. It helps the unpacking process

23.   Create a moving house checklist Moving House Checklist

24.   Use clothes to surround fragile items and save on bubble wrap

25.   Go view storage units before committing to them How to choose the right storage unit for you – House Moving Solutions

26.   Get rid of any clothes that don’t make you feel your best

27.   Moving is like theatre, play your role and make the team happy – provide tea, coffee, biscuits

28.   If you are moving to a new house with a toddler, let them say goodbye to their old house. Moving House with a Toddler and Moving House with a Baby

29.   Do your research before appointing an Estate Agent

30.   Visit an Estate Agents as a customer before appointing them to sell your property

31.   Look after yourself when moving – check out manual handling guidelines and bend at the knees, not the back.

32.   The highest valuation for your house is not always accurate. Ask why they have valued it so high

33.   Planning is key, plan your week and set timescales for when you will organise everything

34.   Use bin liners to bag hanging items and keep the hangers on! Saves on boxes

35.   Moving with animals? Have a look at this link

36.   Pack a bag of useful items and keep them with you in case of emergencies

37.   Selling a leasehold property? Make sure you check out the paperwork fees for the management company

38.   Look after yourself when unpacking, ask a friend to help, and give yourself a break.

39.   Never half pack a box

40.       Do you want to save time and money when moving? All the above too much to think about? Contact House Moving Solutions and arrange a free consultation to find out more:

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Easter Holiday Time Management Tips – by House Moving Solutions

Easter with all the ‘free holidays’ is a time to share with your family. However, in 2015/16 The Health and Safety Executive reported 488,000 cases of work related stress, depression, and anxiety. So, if you fall into this category, or perhaps just feel like you have too much on to enjoy your Easter then use the following tips to help manage your time.

These 5 tips can be adapted regardless of what you are worrying about, whether work life, home life, new project, new business, or a house move, so use them, and reap the benefits.

• The Goal


What is the big thing you are worrying about? Break it down into smaller goals and think about when they need to be completed by. Set realistic deadlines and tackle one item at a time. Don’t forget to reward yourself after each completed task.

• Emails

If you need to keep an eye on emails during your Easter break, schedule a time before the family wake up to clear that inbox. A clear inbox will lead to a clear mind ready to enjoy your Easter break.

• To Do List

Create a to do list, and keep it on your phone. If anything does pop into your head while you’re having a great time, then simply add it to your list. If it’s out of your head, you don’t need to worry about remembering it.

• Communication

Tell people you are on holiday, set an out of office message and delegate any tasks possible. If people are aware, they are less likely to try contact you, so make sure you inform all your important contacts. If you won’t get that specific ‘task’ done before you leave work, then delegate it, and again inform people of the situation with that specific task.

• Digital detox

Set a timeframe during your holiday to have a family digital detox – whether it’s just one morning, 24 hours or a whole week, you and your family will feel better for it. Again – if this is something you and your family will find worrying, update statuses to inform people of the Detox, and give emergency contact details, such as contact information for the place you are staying, to a close family friend.

I hope you find some time to relax this Easter holiday. Feel free to comment on this blog and tell us stories from your Easter Holiday.

If you are moving house, or thinking of moving but you simply don’t have the time to organise everything, contact House Moving Solutions to arrange a free consultation 07860773351,

We provide a consultancy service to save you time and money on your house move. Click HERE to view the services we offer.

rabbit-30479_1280.png Happy Easter from House Moving Solutions



How to choose the right storage unit for you – House Moving Solutions

While most people when moving will be transferring from one house to another, some people nowadays to try help sell their house as ‘no chain’ move into rented accommodation. This is one of the many tips to try get your house sold a bit quicker.

If this is the case, then you may be looking to rent a smaller house to save money while looking for your perfect house, but you want to keep all your belongings.

It may be the case that not all your furniture will fit into the rented house so you need to source a storage unit. Take into consideration some of the factors below when looking for your storage unit.

It matters where you put your belongings, so treat this as you would a rented property. This will house your personal belongings, and you will have to pay for the space.

Storage Units Leeds


While it would be ideal to have a storage unit close to your house, if you will not be frequently visiting the unit then have a look a little bit further away from home. You can sometimes get a cheaper deal, but weigh this up against the cost of removals.


Opening Times

Check what time the facility opens and closes. Some open 24 hours, and you often pay a premium for this. If you don’t need that facility, then opt for a manned storage unit which has set opening and closing times.

Prohibited items

Check the prohibited items list in the storage unit to make sure you comply. The prohibited items list usually include things such as toxic materials, livestock, and food etc, so you won’t have any issues with general household items, but it’s worth looking into.


Check what security systems they have in place. How the storage units are locked, and do they have CCTV. It is also worth asking them what the crime is like, have they had many burglaries etc.


If you have valuable items in your unit you will need insurance. Check to see if your home insurance policy already covers a storage unit. If not, get a quote from the storage unit as they can often provide insurance with the rent.

business-1845350_1920Climate control

Do you have any items affected by temperature? If so it is worth checking the storage unit for climate control. Indoor storage units may be better than the cheaper outdoor container unit option, which often don’t have climate control.



Go visit the storage unit, and if possible have a look at the size of the unit that you are looking to book. Consider what you are putting in there, and if you will need access to any of those items during the time you are renting the space. If you need access it’s worth renting a unit a little bit bigger then you initially thought, so you have room to walk around the unit as opposed to cramming it full floor to ceiling.

Ask them if there are any special offers on the price, don’t accept the first quote and look around. I would never take less than 3 quotes for any service provided. It is also worth bearing in mind what their penalties are for late payments, so make sure you read that section of the contract thoroughly before signing.

Good luck!

House moving solutions can shop around and find the perfect storage unit for you in Leeds, whether you are moving house or just looking to store excess items for a short-term period, so get in touch!

E:, M: 07860773351,

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Areas of Leeds – Rothwell

When looking at areas to live in Leeds, I spent quite a lot of time researching Rothwell. Being situated towards the south of the city it’s a bit cheaper than the northern suburbs of Leeds, while still providing some of the same features.

The aim of this blog series is to provide an unbiased view on areas of Leeds while highlighting some facts and features about living in those areas.  If you would like further more specific information on any area then contact me directly,


Rothwell is located south of Leeds city centre, near Wakefield. Rothwell has a main town street, called Commercial Street which has numerous shops, hairdressers, charity shops, cafes and fish and chip shops. It seems to have more chippy’s than anywhere else I have visited. That’s not a bad thing – I like fish and chips!



One of many!


The town centre is relatively small, but it does extend to a shopping area to the back of Commercial Street by Morrisons, which includes a Subway, and a Card Factory among other shops. Rothwell does feel quite isolated, but not in a bad way. It feels like a small village which has just expanded. I feel like it will continue to develop too.



Commercial Street – Rothwell 2017


House Prices

Since 2007 the house prices in Rothwell have increased by 11%, which compared to its neighbouring areas of Middleton Park (reduced by 9%) and Garforth/Swillington (increasing by only 4%) shows it is a desirable area to live, and could in part be due to the town centre being redeveloped in 2007. Rothwell has the highest percentage house price  increase of any suburb south of the city. (statistics from

There are a variety of houses in Rothwell. Over the last 12 months there have been approximately 200 sales (estimated by Zoopla) where the average price paid was £184,140, which is consistent with what the average value for a house is in the area at £184,302. According to Zoopla’s statistics in the last year the house prices in Rothwell have increased by 5.86%


Although Rothwell may look far out of the city centre on a map, by bus or car Leeds is very easily accessible.

If you don’t drive then the bus is the best way to get into Leeds city centre, there is no shortage of them! The journey takes about half an hour. The local bus routes can be found on this website

The nearest train station is Woodlesford, approximately 1.8miles away, a 6 minute drive.


Follow the link below to see the closest NHS hospitals and medical services. There is one hospital in Rothwell, a private hospital, The Spire Methley Park Hospital. This hospital provides a range of services for insured and privately funded individuals.

The Leeds General Infirmary is 6.8 miles away, 19 minute drive and Pinderfield hospital in Wakefield is 5.4 miles away, a 17 minute drive.


I won’t go into too much depth about the demographics of the area of Rothwell. It has more young people and old people than the national average, which indicates it is a place for older people to live.

If you would like more information on the demographics of Rothwell then the following link may be useful to you.

Springhead Park



Springhead park is one of the main features of living in Rothwell. It is a hive of activity. There are several festivals throughout the year, including a Christmas one where Santa appears in the café, FOR FREE!

They have tennis courts, where on the last Sunday of every month between 2pm and 4pm people can try tennis for free. There is a bowls club, called Rothwell Park Bowling Club, which is competitive and provides a paid membership option, it is situated to the left hand side of the Pavillion Café.

Yes! There is the all important café, and it is a good one too. Very family friendly with baby change facilities, and high chairs. They do a range of food to suit all requirements, home cooked dinners and breakfasts, or it is a handy place to stop just a nice coffee and a bun! The café is also dog friendly.

A snapshot of the menu and prices is below.



Pavillion Café – Springhead Park


The children’s play area is split across three sites within the park. The older children are separated from the younger ones, but as they are all in close proximity parents can watch over their children of all ages. There is also plenty of grassy banks around the park for picnicking in summer!

Springhead Park has a dedicated skate park area, kept separate, but still not too far away from the main central children’s play area, if you need to keep the family in close range.



Skate Park – Springhead Park


Cafés / Other

There is not an abundance of coffee shops in the central area, however I think this is something which is being developed. There is a new Tea Room opening soon on commercial street. Other choices include a Morrisons Café, and of course the café at the park.

Rothwell does have some independent shops including a local butchers and florist.

The Schools

Rothwell is fairly well placed for schools and a number of schools near to Rothwell fall within the Good or Outstanding, but do check as some of the schools have been classified as requires improvement.

The top 5 Primary schools ae listed below:

  • Woodlesford Primary
  • Rothwell St Mary’s RC Primary
  • Methley Primary
  • Victoria Junior School
  • Rothwell Haigh Road Infant School

The full classification can be viewed at

Secondary schools are a little bit further afield and the results are not as favourable.

  • Royds School (LS26 postcode) – Ofsted rating ‘Requires Improvement’ 24th May 2016
  • John Smeaton (4.5 miles away) – Ofsted rating ‘Requires Improvement’ 13th December 2016
  • Rodillian Academy (4.8 miles away) – Ofsted rating ‘Good’ January 2016
  • South Leeds Academy (2.8 miles away) – Ofted rating ‘Inadequate’ December 2016

Full reports can be viewed online at

Rightmove is good for outlining which houses lie within catchment areas for schools too.

Things to do

There are numerous things to see and do in Rothwell. The nightlife and shopping is mainly centred around the town centre, Commercial Street, Marsh Street and Jail Yard. WIth numerous places to shop as previously mentioned. Check out Trip Advisor for ratings on restaurants and bars in the area

Rothwell Leisure Centre is located on Wakefield road, 1.8 miles from the town centre, which has a 25m pool , indoor halls and courts to book out for a fee. The full description can be viewed using the web link below:

I used to attend ‘back to netball’ sessions at this Leisure Centre and found it to have a friendly inclusive atmosphere.

Swithens Farm is located close to the centre of Rothwell, yet it feels very rural. It is a lovely place for a family day out, and caters for children of all ages. There is an indoor play area, café, outdoor play area, and a farm yard where the children can purchase a bag of carrots and feed the animals. If timed correctly there are scheduled sessions for the children to bottle feed the lambs too which is a lovely addition to the day – speaking from experience I highly recommend this.



Swithens Farm – February 2017



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I am currently researching Horsforth in this series researching Areas of Leeds. Horsforth was recently rated as the 8th best place to live in Leeds, so I thought I had better take a look! Here is the link to whet your appetite:

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