Can you tell me concisely how many suppliers you work with, which are current and which you no longer work with?

If the answer is no to any one of these comments then I would like to speak to you and discuss how our procurement service can help you.

You may think why? What is the point? We’re fine as we are. But wouldn’t you like your business to be as effective as possible?

The benefits of our Procurement service include:

  1. Staff turnover

If you have a concise list of current suppliers and a key member of staff leaves, it is much easier to create a handover document for the new team member to hit the ground running.

  1. Finance

It makes the lives of your finance team easier dealing with fewer suppliers, or at least a rationalised supplier list.

  1. Time

It saves time for every member of staff, time spent ordering, chasing up products, searching for invoices etc.

  1. Money

You may be spending money with lots of suppliers who offer the same or a similar kind of service. By rationalising your supplier base you may be able to benefit from economies of scale ordering.

So how can we help?

Working with you we:

  • Appraise your current supplier list
  • Liaise with your staff to find out which suppliers are current and which are inactive
  • Categorise your suppliers and identify cross over
  • Recommend a course of action for your company to appraise and review suppliers bi annually, and renew your supplier lists annually.

Depending upon the size of your organisation we would recommend on average no less than 20 hours to complete this service. This includes time spent in your office and externally examining staff feedback and analysing data.

Contact us

For further information contact Nichola Skedgel


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