Some of the best money I’ve ever spent….

House Moving Solutions provided us with a Moving Plan, which was absolutely invaluable and really minimised the stress of moving house.

Having a young child running around, my time is at a premium and the prospect of packing up a (very full) house was daunting.

The Moving Plan got us organised, helped us declutter and broke down all the packing jobs into manageable tasks which were easily done during my daughter’s nap time or in the evenings.

We were able to use our time so much more efficiently and focus on one task at a time. The plan also enabled us to visualise our progress and feel a sense of achievement.

The weekly calls kept us on the right track and it was great to get helpful, friendly advice whenever an issue arose.

I cannot recommend House Moving Solutions enough!

J. Baugh – Wolverhampton

5 Star Review – ‘Some of the best Money I’ve ever spent….’